Tuesday, March 25, 2014

March/April 2014 "Christa's Column" & MGMA Board Newsletter

CONGRATULATIONS!! to the new Miss City of Fountains the lovely and talented Miss Regina La-rae and her First Alternate the young and very promising Lucy Buitton!!! They are the last two contestants to have earned their spots to MGMA 2014. 

Miss City of Fountains Regina La-rae and Christa Collins, MGM 2013

As I begin to write this newsletter, I am a little sad. This is my final address to you as the MGMA.  I know that I am now entering into a Sisterhood of Formers that is truly watchful and care so much for this organization and the MGA system. 

I would like to acknowledge and thank all of the contestants that I have gotten to meet, watch and work with this year!  Thank you to all of the promoters and club owners that opened their doors and welcomed me into their communities. And to all the dressers and back up dancers that helped their friends on to victory. 

I want you all to know that I have truly enjoyed being Miss Gay Missouri. I have learned so much about myself and so much more about the MGA system!!  I am glad that I got to represent you at MGA 2014. I hope I have made you all proud.
We as drag performers have got to learn how to start looking out for each other. As entertainers, we are stronger when we stick together. We must be careful with each other’s feelings and remember that no matter how strong we all may appear, that the fragility of each person’s human sprit must be nurtured and cared for on a individual and loving basis.  When we do that, everyone can see and feel the love and warmth throughout the community.

For those of you wanting to join the Sisterhood, this Legacy that is MGMA, it is through your youth and vibrancy that we will continue to grow - to know that your energy, and your new thoughts and talents will help us reach out to the next generation of entertainers. So your behavior and the way that you are perceived from the community is very important and we should all - formers and contestants alike - act accordingly.

I wish that I could have stirred the hearts of younger contestants. I know that there is a division between "pageant queens" and "entertainers" but, we all have the same goal and that is to ENTERTAIN and make people happy by doing so.

I love that I have gotten to do several benefits as Miss Missouri and show our philanthropic side by entertaining for great causes. I also got to perform in many other venues and for many people who didn't know me before and for that I am truly THANKFUL. 

 I would like to thank everyone for such an amazing year; particularly the Board of Directors  for their love and unfailing support. It has been paramount to my success.  To all of my sisters: thank you for all of your belief in me and for all of your help at every preliminary this year and to Colin Murphy for your attention to detail. To all the  judges and contestants, promoters, and venues, thank you for all of your support and kindness.

As I leave you remember  to "Laugh Big and Laugh Often!"  And always be willing to help each other out because the success of this organization depends upon our willingness to work together and through any trials and tribulations!!!!! 

Miss Gay Missouri America 2013, 
Christa Collins 

In two weeks we say “farewell” and “job well done” to another great Miss Gay Missouri,

Christa Collins. We will also welcome another sister into our legacy, and watch as she crosses our state entertaining and administrating.
Whomever is crowned Miss Gay Missouri America 2014 will have some major shoes to fill. Christa has been an amazing Miss Gay Missouri, and it is always apparent when one not only wants to win the title, but also commit their energies to a successful reign.

Christa, we thank you for your hard work and dedication and we hope the effort you put forth has paid off! You are truly a shining star in this family, and we are eager to see you continue your dedication as a former title holder! You have been an excellent Miss Gay Missouri America.

Alright, this is it. Contestants, you should be making final adjustments to your MGM 2014 packages and going over every category; double checking to make sure everything is intact and ready to wow the judges and audience!

Male-interview: (150 possible points per judge) Does your suit fit /has it been tailored to you? Have you went over your bio with anyone? Sit down with a few friends or colleges and have them interview you. What will you do to make the judges remember who you are? When you are asked for closing comments or questions, be prepared to leave them with something to remember you!!  Final impressions are fresh in their mind as they begin the scoring process.  Remember Miss Gay Missouri America is a job interview, and you are here to fill that position.

Solo Talent: (100 possible points per judge) This category can be tricky; Solo Talent should not exceed three (3) minutes in length. Those exceeding the three-minute limit will be scored with a zero (0). No dancers or any other person will be permitted in your presentation. No free standing props such as backdrops, furniture, or microphone stands will be allowed. Remember if you use a hand help prop, once it touches the ground it is considered ‘out of play’ for the remainder of your presentation and you can’t pick it back up till the end. Is your solo talent entertaining? Does it stir emotion? Does the energy build to the end and engage the viewer’s attention? Once again what makes you stand out from the rest?
Evening Gown: 150 possible points per judge. This is your chance to show the judges how beautiful of a ‘women’ you can be. You have to be completely comfortable in the chosen gown. You should glide across the stage with self-confidence. Jewelry should accessorize and not be over-power. Shoes should match and complement the gown, and be free of scuffs and wear at the toe / heels. Additionally, the shoes should not appear to bend at the weight of the contestant. Hair should be appropriate for eveningwear and compliment both the contestant and the style of the gown. Hair can be in any style, including either an "up-style" or "down-style" provided it is complimentary to the overall look of the contestant.
Talent: 300 possible points per judge. Put it all on the line … Give it all you got!! MAKE THE JUDGES REMEMBER YOU!!! You will be judged on their quality of the presentation - lip-sync, live vocal, or other entertainment. Judges will be looking to see if you know the words to the song, and that you finish each word. However, knowing the words is not enough. The contestant should also look as if they are actually singing the song. Do your facial expressions match the mood of the music? Is it believable? If you choose a live talent – as our current Miss Gay Missouri did last year – it is of good quality? If dance is involved, do the steps flow with the music? If dancers are present are they in synch and do they complement you – who should be the start of the production? You should look comfortable on stage, so do not attempt something beyond your abilities. You as the contestant and presenter of this production are completely in charge are responsible for everything you put on stage. Remember sometimes less is MORE!!!

Don’t just throw points away. Read your handbooks: study, study and study.  Know the duties of being Miss Gay Missouri America. Always remember this is a JOB that you’re applying for. Wishing you all the best of luck and we can’t wait to crown our new sister!!

Ricky McRoy/Sparkle Iman, MGM 2008







Thursday, February 27, 2014

February/March 2014 "Christa's Column" & MGMA Board Newsletter

Congratulations are in order for the new Miss River City, our newest preliminary, Miss Adria Andrews and her First Alternate, Destiny Michelle; to the new Miss St. Louis, Miss Robyn Hearts and her First Alternate, Dayonna Hilton; to the new Miss City of ColumbiaMiss Musica Malone and her First Alternate, Sheerah Funn Pleazure; and the new Miss Spirit of St. Louis, Tara Leigh and her First Alternate, Lexi San Diego. These ladies are on their way to MGMA 2014. 
 I am also excited to announce that we are going to be holding Miss City of Fountains in Kansas City, on Sunday March 23, 2014 at Sidekicks Saloon, with registration beginning at 12:00 with Male Interview to follow shortly thereafter. 

For contestants that didn't qualify at the above preliminaries: Please feel free to join us for City of Fountains; your entry fee will be waived. And for all of you who are still wishing to be a part of this sisterhood, this fabulous legacy; this is the last prelim before MGMA to qualify. Applications will be forthcoming and if you wish to receive one, you may contact any member of the Board or myself at ChristaCollinsMGMA2013@gmail.com or friend me on Facebook.  

It has been a busy and quite amazing month getting to travel around and meet all of you and get to answer some of your questions. I have been able to go to the Board of Directors with many of your concerns and questions and all will be revealed on the morning of April 10 the first day of the pageant. I can't wait to see what each of you are planning for the MGMA this year. It has truly been a pleasure getting to work with you all and see your talent and creativity. This year should be quite dynamic and entertaining. Don't forget to take a look at the Rules and Regulations of our system, as well as the MGA system. Look at our website and the MGA website to familiarize yourself with our rich history and don't be afraid to ask those who have come before you for help. 

For those who didn't read it on Facebook or in last months  newsletter, the theme of this years MGMA 2014, is "Reach for the Stars". Contestants are to have a silver evening gown with accessories and hair to fit and complete the look.  Former MGMA's are to have gold gowns  with accessories and hair to fit and complete the look.  

I am so looking forward to seeing you all again and working with you soon. And if you have any questions feel free to contact me. I want to make sure that you know and are aware of everything you need to know to be successful. 

In closing, remember to love  a little more, judge a little less and always try to help those coming behind you or those a little less fortunate than yourself. Because you never know when you will need that helping hand.
Miss Gay Missouri America 2013, 
Christa Collins 

2014 has definitely been a busy year! It seems that each Jan, Feb and March we pack in several city
prelims and watch as the contestant base for Miss Gay Missouri America builds, and we see or reigning (in this case Christa Collins) dash around the state from city to city.  I had the pleasure to see Christa in action at Miss River City, Miss St. Louis and Miss Spirt of St Louis.  What an inspiration she has been to watch, and a pleasure to work with throughout this pageant season.  Alas, her reign is coming to an end, and the time to crown a new Miss Gay Missouri is just around the corner.  We will certainly miss working with her as our reigning, but fully expect to have her support as a former!

Attending the preliminaries and watching what the contestants have brought to that stage ignites excitement within me for Miss Gay Missouri America 2014!  I see so much potential headed to the big stage, and wish each of the contestants much success as the place finishing touches on their competition packages.  I remind each contestant the entertaining is a part of your score Miss Gay America, but there are other parts that also make up your score.  Contestants are also judged on their appearance.  Take the time in advance to look over your items (wigs, cloths, shoes and jewelry).  Are they in impeccable condition?

There is one final chance to earn your ticket to our much anticipated state pageant, Miss City of Fountains
on Sunday March 23, 2014 at Sidekicks Saloon in Kansas City.  I hope to attend this final preliminary, an hope to see Kansas City in full force to celebrate this pageant, and the final selection of our qualified contestants.

Supporters of Miss Gay Missouri, get ready for an exciting weekend of entertainment.  We have made a few changes in our lineup for the pageant.  Preliminary nights are being held Thursday and Friday (talent a Thursday, Gown and Solo Talent Friday); and our review show with former Miss Gay Missouri America's will be held after preliminary competition on Friday.  We will also be giving away the preliminary awards during the review show!  Final night will be held Saturday April 12.  All events are being held at the Metropolitan Community Church in St. Louis MO.    We are also accepting advertisements in our award winning souvenir program. You can contact any former Miss Gay Missouri for information on ad rates and sizes.

Looking forward to sharing another successful Miss Gay Missouri America pageant!!

Jade Sinclair/Michael Klataske, MGM 2007      

Monday, January 27, 2014

January/February 2014 "Christa's Column" & MGMA Board Newsletter

Ladies and Gentlemen the theme for Miss Gay Missouri America 2014 has been chosen: "Reach for the Stars"!! 

I chose this theme for the final night because, I think that all of you are stars and have a special place in the heavens and in my heart. During the opening ceremony that evening, everyone will reflect the midnight sky. Former Miss Gay Missouri's will wear a Gold evening gown  and Contestants will wear Silver evening gowns! Jewelry, hair and accessories should match accordingly! I chose evening gowns because I want all of you to feel elegant and beautiful the same feelings I have when I am Christa Collins.   

I am so excited to announce the upcoming preliminaries including our newest: Miss Gay River City was held in Hannibal, Mo on Sunday January 26th 2014 at QPEX Church (515 Lyon St. in Hannibal. MO.) Two contestants battled it out for the crown in front of a capacity crowd. Congratulations to Adria Andrews, Miss River City 2014 and First Alternate Destiny Michelle on their way to Miss Gay Missouri.

MGM 2013 Christa Collins, Miss Gay River City 2014 Adria Andrews and First Alternate Destiny Michelle

On Saturday, February 1, 2014, Miss City of Columbia will be held in Columbia Mo. at the SOCO Nightclub. This is a closed prelim but please come out and support the contestants and the bar and watch a great pageant in action. It may spark your interest in the system.  

On  Sunday February 2, 2014 Miss Gay St. Louis will be held at Hamburger Mary's 3037 Olive in St. Louis, MO. The theme of this is evening is "Cell Block Tango" and it will honor the reigning Miss St. Louis, Kitty Litter.  

On Sunday February 23,2014 Miss Sprit of St. Louis will be held at Hamburger Mary's in St Louis and it will honor your reigning Miss St. Louis Adria Andrews.  

Saturday March 1, 2014, Miss Gay Southeast Missouri will be held in Poplar Bluff MO. There will be more information to come about this preliminary as well as, the return of Miss City of Fountains to be held in Kansas City Mo. A date will be forth coming as soon as possible. 

 There are also two benefits that I would like to inform you about as well. They are benefits to help support Miss Gay Missouri America. All proceeds go to making sure that we stay financially sound. The first one is on Saturday March 15,2014 in St. Joseph, Mo. at Headquarters and  there will a special Bingo Hosted my Melinda Ryder at Hamburger Mary's in Kansas City Mo. Both of these will be feature performances by former Miss Missouri's  and myself. 

I really hope that you come out and support these pageants as well as the upcoming benefits. As female impersonators, we are not only entertainers but we have a tremendous ability to be a beacon for and within the gay community. We are generally on the front lines when it comes to all social issues not only those that concern the gay community. We are hugely philanthropic and resourceful and willing to lend a hand to our neighbors, friends and family. If you were to ever ask me why I do pageants, this  would be my answer  because, I truly believe that the crown and the title of Miss Gay Missouri allow me to soar higher and to be better person. 
I'm going to continue to do the best job that I can do to make you proud of me, our Board of Directors and our state when representing Miss Missouri any where we are asked to be. 
I want to reach out to anyone who feels they have their best self to offer to come and be a part of this Sisterhood, this Legacy.  Come and join us at one of our upcoming preliminaries and see who will be the next Miss Gay Missouri America. If you have any questions about upcoming contests or benefits, please feel free to contact any member of the Board or me at ChristaCollinsMGMA2013@gmail.com or on my FaceBook page!

In closing I want to wish you all Love, Blessings and much Happiness!!
Miss Gay Missouri America 2013, 
Christa Collins 

P.S. To all Promoters and Contestants, please shore up your hotel reservations for your hotel accommodations during the week of MGMA. This information can be found on our website and FaceBook Page. 


I can't believe a year has almost passed, I can only think how Christa Collins must feel. What a wonderful experience and time she is having. Congrats on all her accomplishments and getting Missouri back on that pageant map!!

I'm very excited for the 41st MGMA pageant to see the talents, gowns, and fresh new faces to our system. I've been a part of MGMA as a contestant, a winner, a former - and now to sit on the board is something I never thought possible. I've spent 20 years with MGMA.

I can't believe all that goes into making and running MGMA; the time, preparation, not to mention the dedication of the promoters, and of the people on the MGMA board. We are very fortunate to have people in our community and system that care so strongly about the legacy of Miss Gay Missouri America to ensure that the pageant is run in a professional and prompt manner. And all while looking effortless... I know this year will be no exception.

It is turning out to be a great year as the state pageant approaches. Final touches are underway for the 41st Miss Gay Missouri Pageant. I encourage any entertainer out there, no matter when you have started or how long you have been entertaining, to get involved with in MGMA. It has a great history of some of the finest formers in female impersonation, not only in Missouri, but the nation.

I for one could not be more proud to be a part of a great legacy of sisterhood that is called Miss Gay Missouri America. I've won many titles and Miss Gay Missouri America remains to be one of my proudest moments in a dress. LOL!!

There are still many preparations, fundraisers, and preliminaries to happen before April.

Some of the prelims still available to qualify are:

Miss City of Columbia is this Saturday, Feb. 1, held at SoCo in Columbia, Mo.

Miss St. Louis is this Sunday, Feb 2, at Hamburger Mary's St. Louis

Miss Southeast is Saturday, March 1 in Poplar Bluff, Mo.

Miss Spirit of St. Louis, Mo (to be announced)

Some great and fun fundraisers are come up as well.

Monday, March 3rd at the Bastille in St. Louis, Mo.

Saturday, March 15th St. Joe, Mo Benefit Show

Bingo with Melinda Ryder at Hamburger Mary's in Kansas City, Mo (to be announced)

It promises to be a great pageant and I for one cannot wait. April will be here before we know it and I hope with warm weather too. *fingers crossed*

So good luck to the promoters, contestants, formers, and Christa Collins. Here comes Miss Gay Missouri America, are you ready??

Thanks for your time, my time, and until the next time...So long!!   

Randy Bryant/Krista Versace, MGM1997      

Sunday, December 1, 2013

November/December 2013 "Christa's Column" & MGMA Board Newsletter

I hope that this newsletter finds everyone well.  I am so excited for the holidays to be approaching.  It is a time when my entire family gets together to reminisce about what was and what is to be.

As we celebrate Thanksgiving, I would like to tell you a few of the things that I am "Thankful" for (and yes, I know you’re not supposed to end a sentence with a preposition)!! A bit of English humor.

This has been such an incredible year for me and I am so grateful for all of it. The Good, the Bad and the incredibly indifferent!  I have gotten to meet and work with so many amazing people. And for that I am truly thankful!  I get to work with the most fabulous Board of Directors. I got to go to Miss America with a large contingency of Missouri Girls including the wonderful Adria Andrews who placed well in the Top 10. Jade Sinclair, Vicki Valentino,Trixie LaRue,Diva Coppafeel, Nadia M.Lewis,and Moltyn Decadance -  who was a Representative of California.

The convivial spirit that is around me when I am at a pageant is inedible. This Sisterhood, this Legacy, this FAMILY, is something that I am so proud and honored to be a part of. In short, I am THANKFUL for you and all of the wonderful experiences that you have given me thus far!! I would like to on a personal note thank you all for your thoughts and well wishes on the passing of my Uncle. He was an amazing man. He taught me how to love and respect life and people and every experience that comes your way - to learn and grow from everyone and everything around you and to help other people.  He once said, "You'll never know how to be a man if you don't see one" and he led by example. And as I can tell you, it takes a Hell of a man to raise another man's son.  So thank you Mr. Leonard.

Thanks and a huge shout out go to my Fairy Godfather, Daniel Flier who is always there with words of encouragement and a helping hand!  And to Emilio Olvera for always helping me be the best Miss Missouri that I can be.

This Board is so terrific to work for, Jade Sinclair, Atheena Voce', Sparkle Iman, Krista Versace, and the afore mentioned Vanessa Vincent and Lexus Chaney, that I want anyone who wants to be a part of this family to consider all the pageant opportunities coming your way soon.

Look out for each other, care a little more, judge a little less and SMILE. When you do these things watch all the blessings that will start to come your way. And Always be THANKFUL for what you have.

Here is a list of the upcoming  preliminaries coming to a city near you including a new one.  Miss River City, a new open prelim to be held on January 26, 2014. I will  have more information coming very soon. I will even send out a special memo about location and presentation soon. February 1, 2014 is the Miss Columbia pageant it is closed, but please come out and visit and support. For information on this pageant please contact  Jeff Thompson/Atheena Voce'. On February 2 is the Miss St.Louis pageant in St. Louis at Hamburger Mary's. For information on this contest, contact Jade Sinclair. And on February 23, Miss Spirit of St. Louis will be held in St.Louis and it too, will be held at Hamburger Mary's, if you have questions about this pageant contact Darin Slyman of Vital VOICE

As always if you have any questions or comments about a pageant or anything else, please feel free to contact me at ChristaCollinsMGMA2013@gmail.com

Miss Gay Missouri America 2013, 
Christa Collins

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

October/November 2013 - Christa's Column and MGMA Board Newsletters

CONGRATULATIONS to Jessica Jade our newly crowned MISS AMERICA!! Miss Gay America was held October 9-12 in St.Louis, Mo. It was an absolutely eye opening week. I am so grateful for the opportunity to grow and learn and interact with all of the contestants.  I must say that I also am so very  proud of all of our Missouri girls:  Adria Andrews and Jade Sinclair  (Both of which made the Top 10); Vicki Valentino, Trixie LaRue, Diva Coppafeel, Nadia M. Louis, and Moltyn Decadance (who stepped in with two weeks notice to be the Representative for California.) I got to meet many formers and legends of the system. I got to ask questions and gain knowledge from so many people including  contestants very knowledgeable of the system and the art form of female impersonation. Divas like Kofi, Chantel  RaShae, Truly Fabu, and several others.Thank you for sharing your gifts with me and the audience.

The Miss Gay America 2014 Top 5 Finalist (from left to right)- 4th alternate-Truly Fabu, Kofi-Miss Gay South, Miss Gay America 2014 Jessica Jade, 1st alternate-Blair Williams, 2nd alternate-Christa Collins

I had such an amazing time performing in all of the categories and I know that some day soon that my working knowledge of the administrative duties will make my dream of being Miss America, a reality. My placing Second Alternate my first year there gave me a taste of all of the possibilities that  lay before me and with proper preparation and planning what is completely in reach.

Thank you to all of my sponsors, family, and friends for all of their support, financially, and emotionally during this pageant season. And for all of the love and kind words given not only during this time but every single day of my life. Without you this dream of being Miss America wouldn't be possible.

The Board also deserves a huge round of applause for all of their time, patience and caring. Words of advice and the support that is within this family are not taken for granted and I do realize how blessed and lucky I am to have them in my life. and along this journey with me.

 To Sally Sparkles, Thank you for an amazing year of service and I look forward to some day being your sister!!
Heidi Banks - Miss Gay Kansas City

Missouri has also had a busy pageant season.  In September,a new Miss Kansas City was crowned. Congratulations to Miss Heidi Banks your new Miss Kansas City and the First Alternate is the talented and charming Miss Kyla Breeze. Also in October the Miss Gay Springfield pageant became an open pageant and crowned Miss Valari Knyte from Kansas City the new Miss Springfield and her lovely First Alternate is Miss Taylor Madison Monroe. CONGRATULATIONS !!!!!!! to all of you on your entry to Miss Missouri. I look forward to seeing what you are all preparing for April. I can't wait to see all of these talented ladies joining Miss Diva Coppafeel and Monique Heart, in St.Louis.
Valari Knyte - Miss Gay Springfield

 A special Thank you go out to Vince Edwards and Autumn Holliday, the promoters for Miss Gay Springfield America for making my visit there smooth and amazingly calm. Cheers to you!

We have two more preliminaries scheduled after the first of the year. Miss City of Columbia, which is a closed pageant, will take place on at SoCo Club on February 1, 2014. For more information contact Jeff Thompson (Atheena Voce') or myself  for more details regarding Miss Columbia. Also Miss Spirit of St.Louis  will be held in St.Louis on February 23, 2014 at Hamburger Mary's St. Louis. For any information regarding this pageant contact Colin Murphy of Vital VOICE or myself ChristaCollinsMGMA2013@gmail.com.

If you are looking to join this Fabulous Sisterhood filled with a it's rich legacy, grab your best gown, brush up on your interview skills and polish up your talents. One of these prelims may be your entrance for ticket to Miss Gay Missouri America 2013!!

Miss Gay Missouri America 2013,
Christa Collins 


As I sit  and try to write  this  newsletter  I am filled  with so many emotions. When we  took over  Miss Gay Missouri America we  wanted  a great  contest  and  great  contestants. In the past,  we  have produced  award wining production numbers and received numerous promoter of the year awards. Indeed, MGMA is very proud of its past. Well  this  year,  both happened . We received  Best Commemorative Program and  Best Opening  Production   presented to us  by Sally Sparkles final night at Miss Gay America 2014.  What  an  honor  and thank you to everyone  who made both our program and opening number a reality  to receive the recognition they deserved. Hard  work pays  off! 

Sally told me on final night  after  we  received  the  award that once  she  saw all of the  formers  on stage and the  MGMA sisterhood that took place  she knew then it  would  be  hard  for another pageant to match that. Our beautiful program came from formers  selling  ads and  getting them in early so the book could be put together in a timely manner. It showed that time was taken this  year, and all of the participation in the  opening  and being together for the  common  goal of making MGMA the  best  paid  off.  So this  year lets  do it  again!

We could not be prouder of our two MGMA representatives making Top 10 at Miss Gay America 2014. First Alternate  Adria Andrews breezed into a  top 10 slot and  placed 6th. She was amazing and a joy to watch.  Miss Gay Missouri 2013  Christa Collins , soared into Top 10,  won best  all over  score in Solo Talent and secured  a placement of 2nd alternate  to  MGA. It was  a great  week  of  competition these two contestants represented  MGMA in stellar fashion. The MGMA Alumni is so proud of  both of  you. It was  a tough  contest  and you both showed  what the  Show  Me  State  had to offer.  You both  had  a strategy , a plan and  a formula and it  was  obvious,  and  paid  off big time. Congratulations  to Jessica  Jade  on her  win  she will indeed  be  a  great Miss Gay America and we will see  her in April  at MGMA.

I have  had the  great honor to be  at  all preliminaries to MGMA 2014 thus far  and  what  a great group  we  have  evolving  to compete. More  prelims  coming up and  I encourage  anyone  wanting to be  MGMA to get  a  package together  and  enter a prelim  and  bring it.

Miss Gay Missouri America was put back on the map at this year's national contest. Let's work to  keep  us  there!  Here  are  a list  of  upcoming prelims  that  have  dates  booked..... and  of course  any questions  you can find us  on Facebook or  our  website.

Don’t forget we have several preliminaries already scheduled:

Miss City-of-Columbia, Sat Feb 1stclosed preliminary          

Miss Spirit of StL, Feb 23rd—open preliminary

Daniel Flier/Vanessa Vincent, MGM1982