Tuesday, March 25, 2014

March/April 2014 "Christa's Column" & MGMA Board Newsletter

CONGRATULATIONS!! to the new Miss City of Fountains the lovely and talented Miss Regina La-rae and her First Alternate the young and very promising Lucy Buitton!!! They are the last two contestants to have earned their spots to MGMA 2014. 

Miss City of Fountains Regina La-rae and Christa Collins, MGM 2013

As I begin to write this newsletter, I am a little sad. This is my final address to you as the MGMA.  I know that I am now entering into a Sisterhood of Formers that is truly watchful and care so much for this organization and the MGA system. 

I would like to acknowledge and thank all of the contestants that I have gotten to meet, watch and work with this year!  Thank you to all of the promoters and club owners that opened their doors and welcomed me into their communities. And to all the dressers and back up dancers that helped their friends on to victory. 

I want you all to know that I have truly enjoyed being Miss Gay Missouri. I have learned so much about myself and so much more about the MGA system!!  I am glad that I got to represent you at MGA 2014. I hope I have made you all proud.
We as drag performers have got to learn how to start looking out for each other. As entertainers, we are stronger when we stick together. We must be careful with each other’s feelings and remember that no matter how strong we all may appear, that the fragility of each person’s human sprit must be nurtured and cared for on a individual and loving basis.  When we do that, everyone can see and feel the love and warmth throughout the community.

For those of you wanting to join the Sisterhood, this Legacy that is MGMA, it is through your youth and vibrancy that we will continue to grow - to know that your energy, and your new thoughts and talents will help us reach out to the next generation of entertainers. So your behavior and the way that you are perceived from the community is very important and we should all - formers and contestants alike - act accordingly.

I wish that I could have stirred the hearts of younger contestants. I know that there is a division between "pageant queens" and "entertainers" but, we all have the same goal and that is to ENTERTAIN and make people happy by doing so.

I love that I have gotten to do several benefits as Miss Missouri and show our philanthropic side by entertaining for great causes. I also got to perform in many other venues and for many people who didn't know me before and for that I am truly THANKFUL. 

 I would like to thank everyone for such an amazing year; particularly the Board of Directors  for their love and unfailing support. It has been paramount to my success.  To all of my sisters: thank you for all of your belief in me and for all of your help at every preliminary this year and to Colin Murphy for your attention to detail. To all the  judges and contestants, promoters, and venues, thank you for all of your support and kindness.

As I leave you remember  to "Laugh Big and Laugh Often!"  And always be willing to help each other out because the success of this organization depends upon our willingness to work together and through any trials and tribulations!!!!! 

Miss Gay Missouri America 2013, 
Christa Collins 

In two weeks we say “farewell” and “job well done” to another great Miss Gay Missouri,

Christa Collins. We will also welcome another sister into our legacy, and watch as she crosses our state entertaining and administrating.
Whomever is crowned Miss Gay Missouri America 2014 will have some major shoes to fill. Christa has been an amazing Miss Gay Missouri, and it is always apparent when one not only wants to win the title, but also commit their energies to a successful reign.

Christa, we thank you for your hard work and dedication and we hope the effort you put forth has paid off! You are truly a shining star in this family, and we are eager to see you continue your dedication as a former title holder! You have been an excellent Miss Gay Missouri America.

Alright, this is it. Contestants, you should be making final adjustments to your MGM 2014 packages and going over every category; double checking to make sure everything is intact and ready to wow the judges and audience!

Male-interview: (150 possible points per judge) Does your suit fit /has it been tailored to you? Have you went over your bio with anyone? Sit down with a few friends or colleges and have them interview you. What will you do to make the judges remember who you are? When you are asked for closing comments or questions, be prepared to leave them with something to remember you!!  Final impressions are fresh in their mind as they begin the scoring process.  Remember Miss Gay Missouri America is a job interview, and you are here to fill that position.

Solo Talent: (100 possible points per judge) This category can be tricky; Solo Talent should not exceed three (3) minutes in length. Those exceeding the three-minute limit will be scored with a zero (0). No dancers or any other person will be permitted in your presentation. No free standing props such as backdrops, furniture, or microphone stands will be allowed. Remember if you use a hand help prop, once it touches the ground it is considered ‘out of play’ for the remainder of your presentation and you can’t pick it back up till the end. Is your solo talent entertaining? Does it stir emotion? Does the energy build to the end and engage the viewer’s attention? Once again what makes you stand out from the rest?
Evening Gown: 150 possible points per judge. This is your chance to show the judges how beautiful of a ‘women’ you can be. You have to be completely comfortable in the chosen gown. You should glide across the stage with self-confidence. Jewelry should accessorize and not be over-power. Shoes should match and complement the gown, and be free of scuffs and wear at the toe / heels. Additionally, the shoes should not appear to bend at the weight of the contestant. Hair should be appropriate for eveningwear and compliment both the contestant and the style of the gown. Hair can be in any style, including either an "up-style" or "down-style" provided it is complimentary to the overall look of the contestant.
Talent: 300 possible points per judge. Put it all on the line … Give it all you got!! MAKE THE JUDGES REMEMBER YOU!!! You will be judged on their quality of the presentation - lip-sync, live vocal, or other entertainment. Judges will be looking to see if you know the words to the song, and that you finish each word. However, knowing the words is not enough. The contestant should also look as if they are actually singing the song. Do your facial expressions match the mood of the music? Is it believable? If you choose a live talent – as our current Miss Gay Missouri did last year – it is of good quality? If dance is involved, do the steps flow with the music? If dancers are present are they in synch and do they complement you – who should be the start of the production? You should look comfortable on stage, so do not attempt something beyond your abilities. You as the contestant and presenter of this production are completely in charge are responsible for everything you put on stage. Remember sometimes less is MORE!!!

Don’t just throw points away. Read your handbooks: study, study and study.  Know the duties of being Miss Gay Missouri America. Always remember this is a JOB that you’re applying for. Wishing you all the best of luck and we can’t wait to crown our new sister!!

Ricky McRoy/Sparkle Iman, MGM 2008







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