Monday, August 26, 2013

August/September 2013 - Christa's Column and MGMA Board Newsletters

I hope that this newsletter finds you all healthy and well. It has been a fairly quiet August as I prepare for Miss Gay America coming up Oct. 9-13 at the Millennium Hotel  in downtown St. Louis.  I am so excited and strangely nervous as I get ready for the pageant, but I  know that all of the hard work will pay off.

I’m also looking forward to meeting all of my other America sisters. A week of learning, watching, performing and competing will be good for me. I’m looking forward to seeing and sharing time with my Missouri sisters: Adria Andrews, Trixie LaRue, Vicki Valentino, and the newly crowned Miss Gay Kansas 2013 Miss. Jade Sinclair, Miss Gay Illinois 2013 Diva Coppafeel and First Alternate Nadia M. Louis. I feel very blessed to work in a state that has such a rich history of female impersonation: Sandy Kay, Brenda Leigh, Melinda Ryder, Vanessa Vincent (and the famous Vincent Sisters) and many others who don't perform or are no longer with us. 

The History of the Miss Gay Missouri America pageant (being one of the oldest prelims in the system) is just incredible. I know that as I go on to represent Missouri at America, that I stand on the shoulders of all of these fabulous people and entertainers who came before me.  The Board of Directors for which I work is just amazing and so supportive. I am a very lucky and blessed man. I hope that I will do justice to all of the of the people who support me.

  I know I have said this before, but I want all of the people who feel like they want to be a part of this amazing community to contact me. I want everyone to have the feeling of legacy, sisterhood and support that I feel by being associated with this system.

There are two open pageants coming up: Miss Gay Kansas City to be held in Kansas City on September 27th and 28th (a Friday and Saturday night.) It will be held in three different venues: Missie B's, Sidekicks and Hamburger Mary's. For further information, contact Lore'al, Kansas City's Queen of Comedy on FaceBook. There is also Miss Gay Springfield to be held in Springfield Mo. On Sunday, October 20.  If you have any questions about any of these prelims and future prelims do not hesitate to contact me at

As the Labor Day holiday approaches and summer winds down, please take care of yourselves and look out for each other. A community can only move forward if we are all doing so together—and if someone falls  behind, reach back and give them a hand.

Miss Gay Missouri America 2013,
Christa Collins 


Hello from the Board of Miss Gay Missouri.  While our annual pageant seems far in the distant future, it will surely arrive much faster than we imagine, and planning for the event is already underway.  In addition, our preliminary season is underway and Christa has already demonstrated her "excellence" as she administered over her first pageant, Miss Gay Metropolitan America.  Because we understand the pressure and hard work of both of administrating over and entertaining at a pageant, our Board makes every effort to be on hand to assist with any needs of the reigning MGM.  We want our Miss Gay Missouri to know that we are here to support you in every way.  We are very proud of Christa, and encourage all of you to join us in wishing her the best as she puts the finishing touches on her Miss Gay America 2014 competition package.

Speaking of Miss Gay America, we would like to remind you this year Missouri has again been selected as the location for the national contest.  Miss Gay America 2014 is being held October 9-13 at the Millennium Hotel in St. Louis, MO.  Approximately 52 contestants from across the country will join our two MGM representatives (Christa Collins and Adria Andrews) in the preliminary round of competition Wednesday, Oct 9 through Friday, Oct 11; Saturday, October 12 features the Miss Gay America Review show and presentation of preliminary awards; Final Night is held Sunday, October 12, where the top 10 will be compete a second time in Evening Gown and Talent, as well as On Stage Question.  Missouri has seen three of its entertainers find their way to the coveted title of Miss Gay America (Vicki Vincent, Charity Case and Victoria DePaula).  Please visit the Miss Gay America web site ( for additional information.

While ultimately the franchise of Miss Gay Missouri exists to select two representatives from our state to participate in the national contest, being Miss Gay Missouri is much more than a ticket to the national contest.  Being Miss Gay Missouri is a doorway to travel our state to entertain and work with a variety of individuals; it is the chance to learn and grow from not only those you meet but also the legacy of sisters who walked the path before; it is a chance to reach out to our youth and share your knowledge and passion – and hopefully inspire them to a path of success.  Unknown until experienced, it is also what you make it.  If you invest energy and time, you will be rewarded in the end.  If your reign touches others you will see them on your final night reaching back ... you on stage in your final moments, and those you have touched lined up in front of the stage ready to share the final moment with you.  

This experience is one worth not only the work required to prove to the five judges you have what it takes, but also worth the wait if the journey takes a little longer than you would like.

Michael Klataske/Jade Sinclair, MGM 2007

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